Health Coaching Program

With one-on-one, personalized support, you and your Health Coach will discuss what to expect when trying to make lifestyle changes, explore what motivates you to improve your health, and address specific health behaviors that affect short-term health risks and long-term goals.

This program teaches you how to take healthy steps to change behavior with the support of a personal coach. By setting achievable health goals and encouraging you to take small action steps, you will build confidence through success and more readily progress towards achieving your goals.

Features shown to accomplish behavior change are integrated into the program, including:

  • Regular contact with a coach by telephone or through digital modalities
  • Self-directed online programming and tools such as trackers, challenges, educational resources and more
  • Realistic and achievable goals that build confidence

Anytime access – You can connect with the program online, which means you and your coach can discuss personalized health information in real time, when it matters most.

Some of the health behaviors you can address with your health coach include:

  • Physical Activity
  • Healthy Eating
  • Stress Management
  • Smoking/Tobacco Cessation
  • Healthy Weight
  • At-risk Drinking
  • Identifying Depressive Symptoms
  • Clinical Preventive Services

Learn more about the Health Coaching program (PDF)

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