Tips to maximize your benefits

From understanding how to make the most of your coverage to making choices that will cost you less, you can use these resources to help you save.

No copayment for the following University of California member office visits:

  • Periodic health evaluation (i.e., annual checkup or preventive care)
  • Pregnancy: prenatal and postnatal care
  • Well-baby care
  • Immunizations

Save time and money by using Teladoc or going to an urgent care center instead of the emergency room

  • $0 copayment for Teladoc (if your PCP or an urgent care center is not available)
  • $20 copayment for urgent care center visits
  • $75 copayment for ER visits (use for life-threatening emergencies)

Important: Go to your primary care physician or an urgent care center for non-life-threatening treatment such as headaches, dizziness, urinary tract infections, high fevers or severe sprains.

Learn why urgent care is a great option when you want timely medical treatment plus cost savings.

Pay less by asking for generic instead of brand-name drugs
When you ask for generic instead of brand name drugs, you'll pay less for a drug that has the same effects as the one prescribed.

Reduce your copayment amounts with mail order and UC/CVS walk-up pharmacies
Get a three-month supply of your prescription for the price of two co-payments, available three ways:

  • UC walk-up pharmacy
  • CVS walk-up
  • Mail order pharmacy, CVS/Caremark

Get your FREE blood glucose meter for UC Health Net members 
If you do not have one of the following FREE blood glucose meters, call the number below and request that one be mailed to you today. Just so you know, the test strips are on our Recommended Drug List (a.k.a., formulary) so your brand benefits will apply!

  • For an Abbott Diabetes Care meter, call toll-free: 1-866-224-8892
  • For a OneTouch®/Lifescan meter, call toll-free 1-855-872-6391

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