Don't Let the Pandemic Get in the Way of Prevention

The current pandemic has put a spotlight on the importance of taking steps to stay healthy, such as washing our hands, maintaining social distance, receiving a flu shot, and getting an annual wellness and preventive care exam. And with new health protocols and concerns, your annual visit might look different this year. To limit the risk of exposure, many doctors offer wellness and preventive care services through telephone and/or online video appointments instead of in-person visits. Talk with your doctor about the most appropriate setting for your appointment. There is never a cost to you for preventive care. (There is currently no out-of-pocket cost to you for any eligible telehealth or virtual care visit.) Keep up with the latest COVID-19-related benefit coverage changes and enhancements.

If you haven’t already received a COVID-19 vaccine, your wellness and preventive care visit is also a great time to ask your doctor about it. Your doctor should have the latest vaccine eligibility guidelines and recommendations. COVID-19 testing and vaccinations are covered at no cost to you. Read more about California's approach to vaccine distribution, and bookmark this page for current information.

If you're due for a screening or lab tests this year, be sure to schedule your wellness and preventive care visit soon. And if you’re living with diabetes, asthma or a heart condition, don’t wait to contact your doctor to determine when you can safely go in for an appointment.

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