COVID-19 vaccine: Do it for others

"Receiving a vaccine for the virus that causes COVID-19 is a key step people can take to protect themselves, their friends and family, and our campus communities while helping bring the pandemic to an end," says UC President Michael V. Drake, M.D.

It's hard to imagine a time when we didn't know COVID-19 existed. Now when people say “virus,” we know what they mean. The impact of COVID-19 on our lives, our activities, and our freedom has affected us all. And we have the power to help stop this virus.

Getting vaccinated against COVID-19 is similar to getting vaccinated for other diseases in that it's as much about protecting your community as it is about protecting yourself.

Here are some things you should know about the COVID-19 vaccine:

  • All COVID-19 vaccines currently available in the United States are very effective at preventing the disease. Vaccines are available at no cost, with many providers offering walk-in immunizations.
  • By the end of July, Delta — the COVID-19 variant — was the cause of more than 80% of new U.S. COVID-19 cases, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates. Variants seem to spread more easily and quickly, which may lead to more cases of COVID-19, putting more strain on health care resources, leading to more hospitalizations and potentially more deaths. So far, studies suggest that the current authorized vaccines work on the circulating variants.
  • People who have not been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 are at most risk.
  • The most common vaccine side effects are pain in the arm where you got the shot, headaches, body aches, chills, fever, and feeling tired.
  • Stopping a pandemic requires using all the tools we have available: wearing masks, staying at least 6 feet apart from people who don't live with you, avoiding crowds and poorly ventilated spaces, washing your hands frequently, and getting vaccinated.

We want everyone in our community to be safe and get back the moments we've missed with our families, friends and neighbors.

We all play a part in this effort, and you are key. If you are not vaccinated, please get your COVID-19 vaccination as soon as possible. If you are vaccinated, please encourage those around you to get their shot.

Learn more about the University of California COVID-19 vaccination policy. If you have questions about the COVID-19 vaccine, view Health Net's FAQs.

Where can you get a COVID-19 vaccine?

  • At your doctor's office. Call to schedule an appointment or ask about walk-in options.
  • At a Health Net contracted pharmacy: CVS, Target, Walgreens and other locations. Just show your Health Net ID card. No copay required!

IMPORTANT: The COVID-19 vaccine is for the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 only. It does not protect you against the flu. It's important to get a flu shot even if you have been vaccinated for COVID-19.

Have questions?

Call the Health Benefit Navigator team at the number on your ID card, or go to Health Net for University of California for more information about preventive care services.

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