Whole Person Wellness

Health Net is focused on giving you all the tools you need to live a healthier, more productive life. Our programs help empower you to make healthy lifestyle decisions for you and your family.

  • myStrength
    myStrength is a confidential online resource, personalized to help improve your mood. These self-help resources are designed to help empower you to become – and stay – mentally and physically healthy.
    Learn more about myStrength (PDF)
  • Nurse Advice Line
    Receive timely access to registered nurses for help with everyday health questions – 24/7. You can get help with a number health issues, such as, how to care for minor injuries and illnesses, helping you spot health emergencies; and help answer questions about medications.
  • Babylon (telehealth) – Babylon provides access to healthcare anywhere, anytime – right from your phone. Connect with U.S. board-certified doctors 24/7 or behavioral health professionals Monday–Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (Pacific time). Babylon is an option when you can't see your regular doctor.
  • Food Hub®
    Explore American Diabetes Association® healthy and budget-friendly recipes, and other information to help manage diabetes.
  • Omada
    Omada® is a personalized program designed to help you lose weight, gain energy, and reduce your risk for chronic conditions like type 2 diabetes and heart disease.
  • The Active&Fit Direct™ program
    The Active&Fit Direct™ program allows you to choose from 11,000+ participating fitness centers and YMCAs nationwide for $25 a month (plus a one-time $25 enrollment fee and applicable taxes).
  • Smoking Cessation – Kick the habit for good, while reducing your risk of heart disease and stroke, and improving your overall health:
    • Quit For Life® coaches are available with one-on-one telephonic support to help you quit smoking or using tobacco.
      Log in and select the Wellness Center tab to get started. Then under Start Accessing Your Wellness Resources, select Explore All Wellness Tools. Follow the prompts to the Quit For Life Program on the home page.
    • Health Promotion program – a six-week online program that provides direction and support as you go through the quitting process.
  • Health Promotion Programs
    Online, interactive support to help you address and improve risk factors, such as smoking, emotional health, exercise, nutrition and more.
    Log in and select the Wellness Center tab to get started.
  • Health Coaching program
    Enjoy one-on-one, individual wellness support via telephone with a health coach. Choose from a variety of program topics, including nutrition, stress management, exercise, tobacco cessation and weight loss.
  • Athena Breast Health Network
    With UC Blue & Gold HMO, you get access to a UC study designed to end the confusion about when to start and how often to have a mammogram.
  • Wellness Webinars
    Our Wellness Webinar Series is a great resource to help you engage with your health – in an hour or less!
  • Get valuable member discounts (PDF) on health-related services and products.

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