Who are the doctors in your network?

As a Health Net Blue & Gold HMO member, you have access to a whole network of health providers. It's good to know who does what in all areas of health care, so you can see the right doctor at the right time.

  • Primary care physicians (PCPs) see patients of all ages. Sometimes referred to as a "general practitioner" or "family practitioner," a PCP is usually your main doctor. This is who you see when you need a checkup or you're not feeling well. PCPs are trained to screen and treat common health concerns and provide health education to their patients. They refer patients to specialists for specific health conditions when necessary. Nurse practitioners and internists can also be PCPs.
  • Pediatricians are doctors for children. They specialize in caring for patients from birth until age 18. Since they're also "generalists," pediatricians are considered PCPs. Doctors who focus on specific areas of children's health are referred to as "pediatric specialists." For example, a pediatric cardiologist specializes in children's heart health.
  • Specialists are doctors who focus on an area of the body or type of illness. The most commonly seen specialists are:
This type of doctor … Specializes in …
Obstetrician Pregnancy and childbirth
Gynecologist Women's reproductive health
Orthopedist Bone and joint health
Cardiologist Heart health
Dermatologist Skin health
Neurologist Brain health
Geriatrician Older adults' health
Oncologist Cancer
Allergist Asthma and allergies
Otolaryngologist (ENT) Ear, nose and throat health
Psychiatrist Mental health (and has a medical degree)
Psychologist Mental and behavioral health (and usually has a PhD)
Urologist Male and female urinary tracts and male reproductive health
Endocrinologist Hormonal health, including diabetes and thyroid conditions

It's easy to find doctors and specialists in the Blue & Gold HMO network. Be sure you're logged in logged in to your online Health Net account. Then click on Find a Doctor from the home page. All the Blue & Gold HMO network PCPs and specialists will show up in the search.