$0 Annual Wellness Visit with Health Net Blue & Gold HMO

An annual checkup is a great way to learn how to live a healthy and active life. Plus, regular care like this can help prevent serious conditions. You get one wellness visit each year at no cost to you!

Get the most from your visit with these three steps.

Step 1: Schedule an annual wellness exam with your primary care physician

Explain that you want an appointment for your annual wellness exam, which comes with your health coverage at no cost.

Step 2: Talk with your doctor
  • Bring a list of any questions you have and the names of the medicines you take.
  • Remind your doctor that you want your annual wellness exam, and ask him/her to let you know if anything he or she recommends is not part of that exam.
  • Use the visit to learn about ways to build healthy habits. Plus, find out how to catch health concerns early.
Step 3: Know your costs
  • Review our Preventive Care Office Visits (pdf) flyer so you know what covered services are offered at a $0 copayment.
  • There may be a copayment for tests your doctor orders or other services.

Seeing your doctor is good for your health. So is knowing when to get preventive screenings. See the screenings you need (pdf) here. For information about your Blue & Gold HMO benefits and costs, download the Summary of Benefits & Coverage.