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Need care fast?
Find out how to get the care you need, when you need it.
See your quick care options

Free app – Health Net Mobile 
Take your Blue & Gold HMO details wherever you go with our Health Net Mobile app. It's easy to use and free for you!
Learn the advantages of Health Net Mobile – and how to download your mobile app

Become a former smoker
Start reversing the damage of smoking today. The support you need is just a phone call away.
Learn how phone coaching can help you kick the tobacco habit

Your Health Care Costs 
What do you pay when you use health care services that are covered by your Blue & Gold HMO plan? Knowing what to expect can help you plan. 
Read more about the three main health care costs

5 Tips for Getting Care Fast with Health Net Blue & Gold HMO!
When you need health care, knowing your options can save time and even money. 
Get our top 5 tips for getting care fast

Travel Well. Pack These
Health Net Blue & Gold HMO has your packing list for healthy travel. 
Get 5 tips for care on the go

$0 Annual Wellness Visit – Get Yours! 
Seeing your doctor for an annual wellness exam is a health no-brainer! 
Learn how to schedule your exam

5 Reasons to Use Health Net's Mail Service Pharmacy 
Learn the 5 key advantages of ordering by mail if you take prescription maintenance medications on a regular basis.
Read more about mail service pharmacy

5 Things to Know about Rx Prior Authorization
Review five tips for getting approval for drugs that require pre-approval before they're covered by Health Net Blue & Gold HMO.
Read more about prior authorization

Get Emotional Support On Demand 
Learn how myStrength Web and mobile tools can help you become and stay mentally and physically healthy.
Read more about emotional support

The Health Net Drug List: A Formulary Q & A
See the most common questions and answers about prescription drug coverage – from dosage, to side effects, to what's covered by Health Net Blue & Gold HMO. 
Read more about the Health Net drug list

Take Advantage of the Health Coaching Program 
Want to change unhealthy behaviors and create a more and vibrant healthy lifestyle? Learn how the support and encouragement of a health coach can make all the difference.
Read more about health coaching

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Don't Worry, Be Happy!
Try 10 power moves to improve your mood – no matter what's happening at home, work, or in the world. 
Read more about happiness tips

Kitchen Systems 101
Learn fast, efficient, healthy ways to enjoy wholesome meals with today's around-the-clock lifestyle. 
Read more about kitchen systems

What Makes Us Fat?
Learn the latest research on fat and fitness – and what you can do about it. 
Read more about weight loss

Doctors and specialists – a quick guide
The Blue & Gold HMO network is your connection to health care, when and where you need it. 
Learn about the doctors and specialists available to you

Is Your Doctor Right for You?
Your primary care physician – your main doctor – is probably the most important member of your health care team. That's why it's important to find the one that's right for you. 
Read more about finding the right doctor

3 Ways to Lower the Risk for Diabetes
Type 2 diabetes happens when the body becomes unable to use insulin effectively. And it is largely preventable. 
Read more about diabetes prevention

4 Facts about Generic Drugs
Discover the four key reasons why doctors and pharmacists often prescribe generic drugs instead of brand-name or "patented" drugs – and what this means for you.
Read more about generic drugs

4 Ways to Comply with Rx Drug Instructions
Whether you take medications regularly for chronic conditions or only occasionally to treat illness or infection, it's important to use your prescriptions as directed. Follow these tips for the best results.
Read more about Rx drug instructions

Important Tips for Preventing Cancer
Follow these guidelines to live well, protect your health, and minimize your cancer risks. 
Read more about preventing cancer

Take the Decision Power Health Risk Questionnaire
Discover your health risks and get personalized recommendations for supporting your wellbeing when you take this confidential questionnaire. 
Read more about the Health Risk Questionnaire

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3 Ways to Save on Prescription Drugs
Want to pay less for your prescriptions drugs? Here are three easy ways to save with Health Net Blue & Gold HMO.
Read more about saving on prescription drugs

Save time, worry and money with Urgent Care 
When you need health care right away, urgent care centers deliver quick, affordable, quality care. 
Read more about when to use urgent care

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A Healthy Start
Happy holidays from all of us at Health Net of California, Inc.! We're grateful you chose Blue & Gold HMO. And we are celebrating the opportunity to be your partner in health. 
Get a healthy start to with your $0 annual checkup

Lower the risk of diabetes during the feasting season
For many of us, the holiday season is also feasting season. Being aware of how your lifestyle affects your health can help you reduce the risk of diabetes – now, and throughout the year.
Learn more about diabetes prevention

Travel Well. Pack These
UC Blue & Gold HMO has your packing list for healthy travel. 
Get 5 tips for care on the go

Get Back on Track After the Holidays
Want to get back into your pre-holiday groove? Here are a few tips for resuming healthy exercise and diet in the New Year – and any time you need a reset. 
Read more about resuming a healthy lifestyle after the holidays

Take Teladoc with You this Summer
On vacation and need a doctor? Enroll with Teladoc and you’ll be covered with virtual doctor visits wherever you are and at any time of day! 
Read more about enrolling with Teladoc

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